Alfa Romeo discontinues further production of hatchback Giulietta

Alfa Romeo discontinues further production of hatchback Giulietta

April 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The leadership of the Italian brand plans to stop mass production of the compact hatchback Giulietta before the end of this year. The place of this model should take a new compact crossover Tonale.

One of the oldest compact hatchbacks in Europe – Alfa Romeo Giulietta, has been on the market since 2010, its best sales year was recorded in 2011, when European customers purchased 78 911 units of this model. While in recent years almost all competitors of the model have received a significant update, Giulietta has not changed much, although from time to time it has received small changes. Not surprisingly, model sales fell, and last year only 15,690 units were sold on the Old Continent. This is about five times less compared to 2011 sales.

 Alfa Romeo replaces the aging Juliet, but not directly. Instead of releasing a completely new hatchback, the Italian brand is preparing to introduce a production version of the previously shown Tonale crossover concept.

 While some will be sad to see that the Giulietta will no longer be available for purchase, the company promises that its new compact crossover will offer the same driving dynamics that the sports hatchback had.

The announcement of the sad but predictable fate of Giulietta was made by Fabio Milyavakka, head of product marketing at Alfa Romeo. His exact words were: “It is expected that Juliet will end her life at the end of this year.”

 As for Tonale, this is a new crossover, which will be the first hybrid model of the brand. It should debut later this year, although an outbreak of coronavirus may delay the official premiere of the model.