Alfa Romeo confirms Correa and Calderon tests

Alfa Romeo confirms Correa and Calderon tests

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We have already said that the development driver Alfa Romeo Juan Manuel Correa for the first time will drive a Formula 1 car in private tests. Today the team officially confirmed this, adding that in addition to Correa, test pilot Tatyana Calderon will also be behind the wheel.

Tests will be held on the Paul Ricard highway on August 23 and 24. Tatyana and Juan Manuel have to pilot a 2013 C32 machine with a V8 engine. For Correa, this will be the first experience at the wheel of Formula 1, Calderón, for the last time piloted the team’s car last year on tests in Fiorano.

Frederic Wasser, Team Leader: “Our team has a rich history of educating young talents, and we take this part of our mission very seriously. Juan Manuel and Tatyana proved that they are valuable members of the team, working on the base and on the tracks. The ability to drive will help them further advance in understanding Formula 1 and building relationships with engineers and mechanics. “

Tatiana Calderon: “I am very grateful to Alfa Romeo Racing for another opportunity to drive a Formula 1 after my two races last year. I am very pleased to be able to work with the team on the track and continue to learn and develop. I want to make the most of my new experience. ”

Juan Manuel Correa: “From the age of seven I dreamed of driving a Formula 1 car, and I am very glad that I will finally get such an opportunity. I want to bring out as much as possible new from this experience. Thanks to Alfa Romeo Racing for this chance. ”