Alexander Elbon: We had to check out earlier

Alexander Elbon: We had to check out earlier

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For Red Bull Racing pilots, the qualification in Monza was not very successful. Max Verstappen planned to make one attempt in the first part of the qualification, since he still will be fined, but in the end he was forced to return to the pits due to engine problems – which, however, were not too serious.

Alexander Elbon confidently reached the final of the qualification, but at first he was disturbed by the red flag after Raikkonen’s departure, and then the slow cars before the last attempt, so in the end he did not show any time.

Alexander Elbon (8th): “Although I am still learning how to make the car really fast, before the last attempt in the final of the qualification, she behaved pretty well. I fought for 4th or 5th place on the grid, but then a red flag appeared. On the second lap, our main priority was to show a good time, but the guys who had already done this could afford to drive a little slower.

Everyone left too late, nobody wanted to be in front, everyone wanted to use the slipstream, and because of this, there was a delay. Modern cars have quite a lot of drag, so slipstream allows you to win back two or three tenths.

I tried to overtake other cars, but everyone wagged from side to side, warming up the tires due to the fact that they were driving too slowly, and it was impossible to get ahead of them. In the area of ​​the fourth turn, I realized that it would not be easy to drive a circle. When everyone realized that time was running out, everyone suddenly pushed up the pace, so by the end of the circle we were almost at the limit.

We had to take less risk in the second attempt, but we fought for getting into the top five. We are disappointed, because a good position in the qualification would greatly facilitate the race, but yesterday I had a good pace at a distance, so that we can fight. “

Max Verstappen (without time): “The qualification definitely did not go according to plan. I wanted to go out and drive one lap in order to see how competitive we were in the first part of the qualification, even though I still had to start from the last row due to a penalty, but in the second turn I felt a drop in power, so the lap had to be interrupted.

I do not worry about the reliability of the power plant, before in the race we did not encounter similar problems, and the update seems to have worked well in terms of efficiency, as you could see from our results in the third training session.

In dry conditions, tomorrow will not be easy, leaders will be able to quickly come off in the first circles, and many cars here look competitive. On the track, where there are not many turns, and lap times are so close, it is more difficult to break through. But in the rain, the difference usually increases slightly, and in this case we can definitely win back.

Rain tomorrow would give us the best chance, but even in dry conditions we have a good enough car, so the race should be fun. My goal is the first five. “

Christian Horner, team leader: “Even before the qualification, we knew that Max would receive a fine, so he had to pass only one attempt in the first part of the qualification, but when he attacked the curb in the second turn, there was a jump in speed. Because of this, he felt a drop in power and, as a precaution, did not continue the circle.

Alexander overcame the first part without any problems, and in the second part his pace looked good. In the final, red flags due to Raikkonen’s departure appeared at the moment when he was on a fast lap and surpassed his previous best result by about half a second, so he was not able to show the time.

Due to the fact that many riders slowed down on the warm-up lap in their last attempt, there was a mess, and as a result, Alexander was unable to drive the lap. We are disappointed with this, because today he had a good pace. ”