Alexander Elbon visits Juan Manuel Correa

Alexander Elbon visits Juan Manuel Correa

October 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Juan Manuel Correa is still in one of the London clinics, where he has already undergone several complicated operations – British doctors are doing everything possible to restore the right leg of the rider, although this is still very far away.

We quoted his words in which he simply thanks fate for surviving, although there is no certainty yet whether he will be able to recover 100%. But the important thing is that a sense of humor has already returned to Juan Manuel.

Yesterday he was visited by Alexander Elbon, a Red Bull Racing racer, after which a photograph taken in the hospital ward during this visit appeared on Instagram of Correa and said: “It turns out I have a new nanny.”

If, despite the complexity of the situation, a person is able to joke, it means things are getting better. In November, Juan Manuel will be able to transfer air travel across the Atlantic without much risk, and then he will return home to Miami.