Alexander Elbon: I am very glad that I earned my first points

Alexander Elbon: I am very glad that I earned my first points

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Alexander Elbon is pleased that he was able to earn the first points in his second race, although he admitted that he made mistakes on the first lap. If it were not for this, the result could have been even better.

Alexander Elbon (9th): “The race was intense, it seemed to me that I struggled with someone all the time, and there was always something to do! The start was not the best, because in the 1st turn I did not act aggressively enough, but then I gritted my teeth and got down to business.

We had a good tactic, and on soft tires we showed a decent pace. In the end, we were lucky, because several opponents had gone the distance, but I am ready to accept such gifts!

Because of the strong wind it was difficult to fly, the car behaved unpredictably, but we confidently held the race, although it is a pity that the start was unsuccessful. It was not easy to overtake: when you approach an opponent’s car, the tires overheat and you get stuck for a long time.

However, I enjoyed it, this race was a good experience. I am very glad that I earned the first points in Formula 1, and I hope that in China we will be able to maintain this pace. “

Daniil Kvyat (12th): “The weekend was a little unsuccessful, starting from yesterday, because we had to spend the qualification better. At the start, I made excessive slipping of the drive wheels, and because of that in the first round I was in an unfavorable position.

After that, it was necessary to push forward to win back the lost positions, and, in my opinion, the race could have gone better if not for the problems. The pace today was not bad, and it is very unfortunate that the car was spun after contact with Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi.

Not the most successful weekend, but we have learned useful lessons and we hope that in the next stage in China we will be able to get together and perform better. “

Jodie Egginton, Technical Director: “Today’s race was vibrant for us and for some other teams, but we all worked hard, so we are happy to earn points. Both riders did not start too well, because of this, at the end of the first lap, we were behind a whole string of cars from the teams of the middle group.

From this point on, it was necessary to attack as actively as possible, trying to force our way forward, and when it was required to protect the rubber. For Daniel, the race was eventful: first there was a contact with Giovinazzi, and then he received a penalty for speeding in the pit lane. This meant that he could not recoup and compete for points, although he was driving at a good pace.

Alex worked hard and should be glad that he earned his first points in such a difficult race. But now we are switching to the preparations for the Chinese Grand Prix, where, as expected, we will again face a bitter struggle in qualifying and in the race. “

Franz Tost, team leader: “First of all, congratulations to Alex Elbon, he earned his first points already in his second race in Formula 1. He performed well, especially deserves praise the way he kept the rubber at the end of the race. He really did a great job and finished deservedly in 9th place.

Daniel became a participant in two incidents, first with Giovinazzi, because of which his car spun, and he lost a lot of time. And then he exceeded the speed on the pit lane, for which he was fined and lost another five seconds. As a result, he could no longer fight for points.

In general, in Bahrain, our speed allowed us to qualify for places from the 7th to the 10th, but, unfortunately, in the qualification we made a few mistakes. But in the race pace we had, therefore, the Toro Rosso is a good car, and we must maintain a positive attitude. Now we need to quickly switch to preparing for the Chinese stage of the season, which will be the 1000th Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 “.

Toyoharu Tanabe, Technical Director, Honda F1: “Today’s race was difficult, although a positive point is that all four cars with our engines reached the finish line, and three of them are in the top ten.

If we talk about the operation of power plants, then none of the teams had any problems, which affected the result shown by us in Bahrain.

Congratulations to Alex Elbon, he earned his first points already in his second Grand Prix! He was well piloted and spent some good overtaking. Daniel Kvyat was not lucky, he was involved in an accident, but did not give up and showed good speed.

Now we will analyze everything, see what conclusions should be done after this weekend, and then we will prepare for the next stage, which will be held in China. ”