Alejandro Agag: Bernie admitted that he was wrong about Formula E

Alejandro Agag: Bernie admitted that he was wrong about Formula E

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Formula E President Alejandro Agag shared his memories of the skepticism seven years ago the news about the launch of the first ever electric racing series in the fall of 2014 was met.

“In 2012, when we announced the launch of Formula E, many doubted that we could even organize the first race,” Agag told Express in an interview. – I remember how Bernie Ecclestone, whom I highly appreciate as a friend, businessman and creator of F1, told me: “You will not spend the race for anything.”

But two years later I arrived at the F1 stage in Spa, just before the start of Formula E in Beijing, and showed him photos of the track with concrete blocks and a fencing grid. He carefully looked at the images and said: “It’s great that you are preparing for the first race. I’m glad you were right, but I am not. ”

Nevertheless, not everything in the first season of Formula E went smoothly – the new series had financial problems.

“I doubted we could continue,” Agag admitted. – After the third race, it was necessary to raise funds – a very difficult situation with shareholders arose. It was not easy, but I was obliged to solve these problems, because many believed in us: the team owners invested money, the sponsors gave their commitments. Fortunately, a solution was found, but everything was really on the verge. ”