Alain Prost: Leclerc has become the “first” in Ferrari

Alain Prost: Leclerc has become the “first” in Ferrari

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Many were skeptical about Ferrari’s decision to invite 21-year-old Charles Leclerc to the place of experienced Kimi Raikkonen, but the Monegasque made a great impression, including the four-time world champion Alain Prost …

Alain Prost: “I often communicate with Charles. When at such a young age you convince Ferrari to pay attention to you – this is the first victory.

Ferrari racers always perform in conditions of incredible pressure, but the first season of Charles in Scuderia was very successful. He has already established himself, has already become the “first number” in Ferrari. Leclerc performed at the level of Sebastian Vettel in the first season for Ferrari – and this made an impression.

Sometimes he was a little faster, sometimes a little slower, but he showed an amazing maturity and several times proved that he can work with his elbows if necessary. When I hear his talks on the radio, I often think that he doesn’t have the courage. ”