Aiways U6ion concept car debuts in Geneva

Aiways U6ion concept car debuts in Geneva

January 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese automaker announced that the world premiere of the U6ion concept will take place at a Swiss event, without revealing anything about the car.

While several leading automakers have announced that they will not participate in the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, for startups such as Aiways, these events are the best time as they give them the opportunity to steal some attention from well-known companies and spread the word around.

The European version of the U5 will be released. An electric SUV is scheduled to be launched on the Old Continent in the second quarter of this year, and is expected to cost about 25,000 euros. This would make it much more affordable compared to other drivers with zero emissions and put it in the same zone as some small hatchbacks, for example Renault Zoe, which in Germany can cost from 22,000 euros.

“The Geneva Motor Show is an important milestone for Aiways, as we will announce some very interesting news about our plans for Europe,” said Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President for Foreign Operations. “We are determined to compete with the best, creating a revolutionary new user experience through unprecedented collaboration with partners.”