Airbus showed flying taxi cab

Airbus showed flying taxi cab

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has published the first photos, giving an idea of ​​the interior of a new type of transport, which is currently known as the Vahana project. The device is supposed to be used as a flying taxi.

The length of the prototype called Alpha Two was 6.2 m, height – 2.8 m, and wingspan is 5.7 meters. Salon is made in a minimalist style. The fully unmanned vehicle has no external controls – the passenger will only have a high-resolution display, which displays all relevant flight information, as well as entertainment content.

The single unit has swivel propellers that allow vertical take-off and landing. Thanks to this, the car will be able to pick up a passenger even in hard-to-reach places in the city. The battery reserve is enough for about 100 km of flight.

It is assumed that a flying taxi can be called using a special mobile application. After landing, the system will conduct a vehicle safety check, and then the car will pave the route based on the situation in the sky. The company believes that the new taxi will help solve the problem of traffic jams in megalopolises.

The first test flight lasting about one minute took place in early 2018. The flying car was able to climb to a height of 5 m and then sink to the ground. A ready-for-use serial version will appear by 2020.