AI will monitor driver fatigue

AI will monitor driver fatigue

March 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Xplora project team, which was formed by Seat, together with the Israeli company Eyesight Technologies, is developing a completely new system that can monitor the condition of the motorist.

The software created as part of the partnership will be able to determine whether the driver fell asleep or not, and whether he “sees” that a pedestrian is approaching.

Eyesight Technologies is engaged in the creation of tracking systems for the actions of a motorist, using computer vision technology and AI. For example, their software in real time is able to analyze the movement of the driver, determine the direction of view, eyes are open or closed.

 The algorithm can determine when the driver fell asleep or distracted, and he also sees a pedestrian approaching the car or not. In addition, the system can recognize various motorists and set the necessary climate control configurations, the position of the seats, steering wheel and mirrors.

Seat has no doubt that the modernization of such systems will make it possible to significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur due to carelessness – their share in the total amount is 36% (information for the UK).