Agag met with nine manufacturers to discuss Extreme E

Agag met with nine manufacturers to discuss Extreme E

February 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After the official presentation of the draft of the new race Agag and de Ferran met with several major automakers who have shown interest in the series. Reports the edition about it Motosport.

The presentation of off-road competitions on Extreme E electric cars, which is scheduled to launch in 2021, took place just the other day. The founders of the project Alejandro Agag and Gilles de Ferrand after the main event held two more closed ones. They were attended by nine companies that were not called, and some members of the Formula E teams.

Agag told the media that the contracts have not been signed with anyone yet, and he still does not know which of the meeting participants is serious. While they are working on an agreement for the teams. “The preliminary talks were interesting,” says Agag, “but it’s too early to judge anything.” We just recently completed the concept of the race and are now finalizing the regulations (technical and sporting). When everything is ready, then manufacturers will be able to study the project fully and make an informed decision. ”

He also noted that if they could not reach an agreement with the companies, they would spend the first season without them at all, using independent teams. As for the machines, they will be two times more powerful than those participating in the electric series. “Our cars will be built from scratch, but despite the similarities with Formula E cars, we want them to look like those that you can buy for yourself in everyday life.”

 He added that participants would be provided with the same chassis and battery. The second is already being developed by McLaren: it will be based on the one used in F-E, but twice as powerful, since two electric motors of the formula specification will be located under the hoods of off-road vehicles. Their power will be about 500 kW. The project will work and Spark Racing Technology – the company will manufacture equipment for the championship. The development of the first prototype, which they promise to present in April of this year, is already underway. Cars for teams are planning to pass in July.

In the meantime, a sensational event occurred in the world of motor racing – the name Sauber goes down in history. Now the Swiss team will be called Alfa Romeo Racing.