After buying a house blindly in the garage found Ferrari

After buying a house blindly in the garage found Ferrari

February 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Oh, those stories from the USA about cars found suddenly in an old garage!

We would not disturb your leisure in the event of the discovery of some old Nissan (although it all depends on the model). But here we have an old Ferrari 308! Of course, red.

In the US, auctions are common for the sale of houses, but those who wish to compete for the lot are not allowed to inspect real estate. Report only basic data such as the area and number of rooms. Information about the condition of the lot can only be obtained during a cursory outdoor inspection.

As a rule, confiscated houses are sold at such auctions. Often it is possible to run into a bargain, but the main risk is a possible emergency condition of the structure. In general, the lottery, because no one knows how things really are.

New happy owner of a cottage in Beverly Hills (California) after the purchase found in the garage Ferrari 308 GTS 1984. Not bad, right? Of course, the state of the find can hardly be called perfect, but this is a Ferrari! In addition, if you close your eyes to some visual damage to the left and the missing front right headlight, it’s not so bad: the engine is in place, and the interior is in good condition.

At first, the owner was excited about the idea of ​​restoring the legendary Italian sports car, but received a lucrative offer from the club of classic car owners. Those bought used Ferrari (mileage – only 48 thousand km), brought in a brilliant clean look and put up for sale at a price of 38 thousand dollars. We do not doubt that the car will quickly find an enthusiast who wants to return the beauty to a full life.

By the way, it turned out that the house had previously belonged to the student fraternity – a common phenomenon in the United States. Here we are talking not only about learning, but also fantastic parties of incredible proportions. It remains only to guess that in its lifetime this Ferrari has seen …