African monarch bought 120 BMW and 19 Rolls-Royce as a gift to relatives

African monarch bought 120 BMW and 19 Rolls-Royce as a gift to relatives

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

King Mswati III of Esvatini (formerly Swaziland) decided in such an unusual way to please his closest relatives. Now the local opposition is urging people to go to rallies and insisting on his resignation.

The African king Mswati III is by far the richest monarch in the world, despite the plight of his subjects. His fortune is now estimated at 213 million dollars, at a time when the average salary in the country is only 128 dollars. This did not stop him from making expensive gifts for his relatives, although he tried to hide this fact.

 Photos of eyewitnesses with auto transporters appeared on the Web, on which you can see Rolls-Royce and BMW cars. The cars are all sealed in masking tape, a local Times newspaper reported. In addition, the truck route lay through unpopular roads. But it is worth noting that the dubious transparent film camouflage and unpopular routes did not help keep the expensive purchase a secret.

 According to local opposition, Mswati III bought 120 BMWs and 19 Rolls-Royce. The local monarch has a really big family: 15 wives, 23 children and a huge number of close relatives. This was an occasion for the opposition to raise a wave of indignation and call on the people to a rally until the monarch’s resignation.

The opposition party’s general secretary said that with these “gifts”, Mswati III showed the “middle finger” to his people, and his attitude towards him.

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