“Affordable” Tesla crossover for a large family.

“Affordable” Tesla crossover for a large family.

June 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the crossover class is becoming more popular every day, the start of sales of the Tesla Model Y, which also happened earlier than the originally scheduled deadline, was not accompanied by the same frantic excitement as in the case of Model 3.

Tesla Model Y is now sold exclusively in a five-seater version, although the car was announced as a seven-seater crossover. Of course, optional. And now there is information about when the seven-seat modifications of the Tesla Model Y will come out.

Answering a corresponding question on Twitter, Elon Musk wrote that this is likely to happen in the fourth quarter. The head of Telsa did not indicate more accurate data.

Interestingly, we still do not know exactly what the third row of seats will look like. The network got spy photos that show that there is very little legroom there. Although, given the class of the car, this is quite logical. However, there were rumors that the third row of seats could be deployed against the movement of the car.