Aeva startup has created a unique sensor for unmanned vehicles

Aeva startup has created a unique sensor for unmanned vehicles

May 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Founded by ex-Apple employees, this young startup is focused on building a compact lidar. It could replace a complex system of modern sensors for analyzing traffic conditions.

Apple startup Aeva has shared details about its new sensor for self-driving cars. According to the developers, it is capable of detecting other vehicles at a fairly decent distance – over 500 meters.

He “sees” a pedestrian from a distance of more than 350 meters. With this innovative lidar, you can create a three-dimensional road map. And such a sensor also identifies different objects on the road, helping to understand which ones are static and which ones are moving.

For example, pedestrians or cyclists. Such a “smart” lidar is going to be launched into mass production. For this, Aeva has already found reliable suppliers.

The work of any modern lidar is based on laser beams, which, reflecting from surrounding objects, create an accurate picture.

Dark objects were considered problematic, and it was not always possible to recognize them. Aeva engineers solved this puzzle. They have created a special chip with which the sensors identify even those objects whose reflectivity does not even reach ten percent.

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