AddArmor introduced the armored crossover Cadillac XT6

AddArmor introduced the armored crossover Cadillac XT6

August 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For $ 86,000, AddArmor will make your Cadillac XT6 crossover armored – special bulletproof body panels and bulletproof glass. Externally, the armored version of the crossover looks the same as the regular Cadillac XT6.

The AddArmor team has presented a special version of the Cadillac XT6 family crossover, which, in addition to a comfortable family car, can also offer you a good level of protection from shooting.

To begin with, the AddArmor XT6 isn’t cheap – starting at $ 86,000, while the regular version of the crossover costs at least $ 28,000.

This price tag may seem overpriced, but “you can’t set a price for your peace of mind” – that’s what company representatives say. According to AddArmor CEO and former Special Operations veteran Pete Blaber, “The idea behind adding armor to the crossover is to create a ‘Mobile Safe Room’ that protects vehicle occupants from potential intruders (eg criminals, terrorists, active shooters), and also provides a “peace of mind” that cannot be achieved in an unarmored vehicle. “

First, the stock Cadillac XT6’s okras have been replaced with bulletproof, shatterproof ballistic glass, according to AddArmor. The AddArmor team then proceeds to install custom-made ballistic skid panels made from ultra-lightweight synthetic laminates that are 60% lighter and 10 times stronger than ballistic steel. This unique material adds the necessary protection to the vehicle while minimizing the additional weight of the vehicle.

In addition to new armored glass and panels, the Cadillac XT6 remains fully serial and is no different from the usual crossover performance. “We do not change the appearance of the crossover and it remains to look the same as usual, like all other Cadillac XT6s. Attackers will not immediately understand that you have an armored car, and not a regular one,” added Mr. Blaber.