Acura prepares “charged” news and compact sedan

Acura prepares “charged” news and compact sedan

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

By 2022, the Japanese brand is going to present the MDX Type S and Type S sedan.

The relationship between car manufacturers and car dealerships can certainly be hated. An example is a video leak posted on the AcuraZine forums, intended only for dealership purposes. The video revealed some interesting information about the future of Acura, including some noteworthy additions to the lineup.

In the video you can find confirmation of the new MDX Type-S. This is not surprising – almost a year ago we saw a disguised prototype with an aggressive set of tires and twin tailpipes at the rear. The current MDX offers nothing of the kind, and since the automaker sent the 400-horsepower MDX Sport Hybrid uphill to Pikes Peak last year, Acura is clearly looking to get additional sales of a more sporty SUV.

Unfortunately, the dealer’s presentation does not contain additional information about the hotter MDX. However, leaked images from last year tell us what the new MDX might look like, and spy sources point to a twin-turbo V6. Whether it will be the version of the current 3.5-liter engine or the enlarged 3.0-liter engine included in the new TLX Type S is still unknown, but we are betting on a 3.0 liter version.

If you don’t like SUVs, the new Type S version will be good news for you. The screenshot from the dealer’s presentation shows an unnamed compact sedan that will be released before 2022. What is interesting here is that it will obviously not be the current small ILX sedan. If Acura doesn’t take some tricky wrong direction here, the ILX will be filmed by model year 2022, and this new sedan will take its place.

Naturally, AcuraZine forums are full of speculation about the return of Integra, but this does not fit into the current structure of the company. On the other hand, Escalade lives in a sea of ​​Cadillac alphanumeric characters, and Lincoln found it appropriate to revive Continental. In other words, anything is possible.

If a missed presentation is a real deal, Acura’s goal for the next couple of years is to have annual sales exceed 200,000 units. Knowing about SUV sales, upgrading the MDX with the high-performance Type S should help. As for this mysterious Type S sedan, if Integra really comes back, it may inspire young Acura buyers.