Acura NSX for a whole year will be offered at a big discount

Acura NSX for a whole year will be offered at a big discount

May 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Things from a high-tech sports car go no matter, although the company did not initially count on a high level of sales. Last year was the worst for the NSX and the high price is one of the most important factors.

For the incomplete 2016, the American market sold 269 NSX, in 2017 the demand grew optimistically to 581 cars, but last year sales collapsed: dealers barely managed to sell 170 cars. It became obvious that decisive measures were required, and the Japanese company decided to act in two directions: it carried out technical modernization and reduced the price. Precisely, the discount, as Acura hopes, will help revive demand a bit: until March 31, 2020, the NSX will cost $ 20,000 at once cheaper. It is especially noted that the buyer will receive such a discount as final and obligatory: before that, he has the right to bargain with the dealer at his discretion, and the dealer can reduce the price as he considers possible.

The starting price for the NSX in the US is $ 159,300. Thus, if the dealer “throws” up to 150,000, the automaker will deduct another $ 20,000 from the price and end up having to pay 130,000: the company claims that there was nothing like this in the NSX sales history, and Acura in general was not there before. Apparently, the position in which the model was, desperate. The only condition – the car should be 2019 model year, not before.

Technical improvements should also help cars become more attractive. The NSX receives larger-diameter anti-roll bars, minor modifications to the rear suspension design, and a number of fixes in the software of the combined power unit. It is alleged that the ring on the 2018 Suzuka NSX highway runs 2 seconds faster.