Acura MDX PMC manual assembly has got an unexpected price tag

Acura MDX PMC manual assembly has got an unexpected price tag

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Cars with the prefix PMC Edition “registered” not on the main conveyor, but at the factory of supercars Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, producing Acura NSX. The main feature of such machines is manual assembly and, of course, new technologies.

Acura knows how to make specialties that attract customers. So, the brand came up with the Acura MDX PMC crossover, assembled manually. At dealerships, a luxury SUV will appear on February 1. For the American car market, the company will release 300 special crossovers, and for the Canadian one – only 30. For the most affordable Acura MDX PMC, exclusive fans will have to pay $ 63,745. For MDX, this is a little expensive, but for a luxury handmade crossover it is very budgetary.

 The first acquaintance of the public with the new product took place in November 2019 at a motor show in Los Angeles, now MDX PMC is ready to enter the market.

 Under the hood, Acura MDX PMC, which boasts an original appearance, hides the same 3.5-liter 290-horsepower V6, combined with 9-spedd automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.

The car body is painted in an exclusive red shade called Valencia Red Pearl, in contrast to it black elements work: mirrors, a roof, wheels, door handles, a radiator grill, and also exhaust pipes in black chrome. Inside, the situation is the opposite – the deep black color dominates. Seats, dashboard, floor mats – all done in black. Red we see in the stitching and design of a special nameplate with a car number of 330 possible.

 The list of equipment for the luxury crossover includes active shock absorbers, climate control associated with GPS, an audio system with 10 speakers, as well as modern security systems and driver’s assistants.