Acura introduced the sports version of the 400 hp MDX crossover.

Acura introduced the sports version of the 400 hp MDX crossover.

June 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the framework of the race for the high-speed ascent to the hill (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb), the Japanese company will present 5 cars. One of them will be a hybrid version of the midsize crossover MDX, with a capacity of 400 hp.

The Japanese premium company Acura regularly takes part in annual international auto and moto competitions in high-speed hill climbing (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb). In 2019, the automaker will be there with a real fleet of five cars, the number that, according to the guys from Acura, is the largest list of participants in the history of these races. The RDX A-Spec and TLX GT, which debuted at this competition last year, were joined by two different versions of the NSX supercar.

The most interesting of them is the hybrid version of the three-row crossover MDX, which was called the Sport Hybrid. As you can imagine, this particular MDX Sport Hybrid is not a serial car.

The company’s engineers decided to abandon the 3.0-liter V6 engine used in a conventional hybrid installation. He came to replace the 3.5-liter V6 from the standard MDX (then its volume was increased to 3.7 liters). Also, the crossover is equipped with three electric motors – one is in front, and the other two “twist” the rear wheels. The result is 400 horsepower (475 Nm). Shift functions are performed using the seven-speed DCT system, which transmits this power to all four wheels through the SH-AWD Acura system.

Acura also reconfigured the crossover suspension. The cabin is installed roll cage. And although the MDX offers passengers accommodation in three rows, all the seats and most of the interior are removed in the name of weight reduction.