Acura brought to test “charged” crossover

Acura brought to test “charged” crossover

June 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Acura returned to the sports sedan segment recently, showing the new TLX generation: the 4-door got an absolutely new platform, a different engine lineup and a “charged” Type S modification.

Technical characteristics TLX sedan, as a rule, shares with the MDX cross: the cross has the same engines and platform. On Sunday, June 7, a prototype of the cross-new generation was captured by photo spies who, despite the disguise, noticed some interesting elements in the concept. For example, the design of the exhaust system is similar to the crossover exhaust TLX Type S, and this indicates that the Acura lineup will replenish as a “hot” sedan, and a very fast cross.

It is possible that the MDX Type S will receive the same engine announced for the 4-door. Its performance is currently not reported, but it is expected that a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 will be able to produce up to 400 hp. (500 Nm).

In particular, a slide from the Acura internal presentation for dealers got to the Internet, which clearly shows the development strategy of the Type S line. This not only confirms the company’s plans to produce a “charged” cross – judging by the slide, this will happen in 2022 – but it hints at another sports sedan, not yet named.

According to assumptions, the upcoming new product will come to replace the ILX model and will be located one position below the current TLX.