Access to the Network from their cars Tesla will make it payable

Access to the Network from their cars Tesla will make it payable

June 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla decided to charge an additional fee for accessing Internet services that are not connected with security. For customers of the brand, who ordered cars after July 1 of the current year, two packages of network services will be available: standard and premium. They will be different in the set of applications and available functions. This is reported by Electrek.

The basic, standard connection option on the Web will be available free of charge to all owners of Tesla electric vehicles. It will allow you to receive “by air” firmware updates, as well as use applications that consume a small amount of traffic. In particular, we are talking about a navigation system, which, however, will not be able to display a satellite map of the terrain and traffic in real time.

A paid premium package will provide access to advanced navigation features, as well as media services and an Internet browser. You can connect to the Internet via WiFi or LTE. Premium package of network services will cost $ 100 per year. In this case, the customers of Model S and Model X, as well as Model 3 with the premium salon, are ready to provide a year of free service.

In January last year, Tesla introduced a fee for the right to use the network of charging stations Supercharger. Buyers of the new Tesla Model S and Model X were offered along with the car a card for free 400 kilowatt-hours of energy, which is equivalent to about 1600 kilometers of run. After its exhaustion, the charge became paid: depending on the state, the fee was charged per minute or kilowatt-hour.