Acceptance of orders for the Chinese copy of the Jaguar I-Pace from GAC

Acceptance of orders for the Chinese copy of the Jaguar I-Pace from GAC

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Aion sub-brand from the Chinese company GAC has now begun accepting orders for its new model – the LX crossover. An interesting bonus is that while the car will undergo maintenance or repair, scooters will be issued to owners.

The Chinese concern has recently become much obsessed with electric cars. For the Aion brand, the concern has built a plant capable of producing 400 thousand electric vehicles per year. The first car under construction at this plant was the Aion S sedan, which debuted in November 2018. However, in two months (May and June) only 2684 cars were sold.

 The new crossover LX came to the aid of the model. The company hopes that demand for it will be much higher, as the Chinese people are sympathetic to the type of SUV.

 Both cars were built on the GEP platform. In its proportions, the Chinese crossover resembles the British Jaguar I-Pace. The company does its best to make it more luxurious than the Briton. The salon was decorated in the current style of Mercedes, and the leather for decoration here is clearly not regretted. Electrically adjustable seats allow the rear passengers to sit in maximum comfort. There are many modifications to choose from. Versions LX 60 and 70 are equipped with a 75 kWh battery and an electric motor with a power of 135 kW. The car in this modification is capable of driving up to 520 kilometers on a single charge. The LX 80 version, which has front-wheel drive and a more powerful engine – 150 kW complete with a battery capacity of 93 kWh, can travel up to 650 kilometers. And the most top-end modification LX 80D with all-wheel drive and two electric motors with a total capacity of 300 kW, can travel up to 600 kilometers without additional recharging.

They are finishing the work of the Chinese autopilot of the 4th level, which is equipped with a crossover. The cost of a new LX car is reported in the region of 250-300 thousand yuan.

Also, to attract even more customers, the possibility of helicopter evacuation, a support service working around the clock, and also a scooter, which was described above, were added.

Unfortunately, these offers are relevant only to customers from China. The GAC has tried many times to break into the European and American markets. With the political situation, the prospect of car exports to the United States seems impossible.