Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The first part of the free races

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The first part of the free races

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first and third trainings in Abu Dhabi are not suitable for tuning cars – in the morning the conditions do not correspond to those in which the qualification and race will take place in the evening, but the teams were able to test some ideas for the next season, devoting the first session to assessing their effectiveness. To work on the 2020th, the teams had two training sessions and two days of tire tests after the Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel flew to Abu Dhabi on Friday. On Thursday he was at home – his wife gave birth to a son, so in the morning he accepted congratulations.

George Russell on the eve felt unwell; in Williams they were looking for a replacement, but the Briton worked the first workout completely, having traveled most of all the laps. His participation in future sessions depends on the decision of the doctors.

Hamilton complained about the loss of power of the power plant and slowly returned to the boxes. The mechanics rebooted the power plant and after checking Lewis rode out again. Like a year ago, he began his first training session with the champion “unit” on the nose fairing for a photo shoot, but was dissatisfied with this and already in the course of the session, the usual number 44 was returned to the car.

An hour later, Daniel Riccardo stopped a steaming car in the safety zone – the engine lost oil and turned off. To evacuate the car and clear the track, the session was stopped with red flags. The motor was Friday, no sanctions would follow. After 12 minutes, the riders left.

In the last minutes red flags reappeared – Sebastian Vettel made a mistake on a fast lap with soft rubber and hit the barrier after taking off from the track. They decided not to resume the session.

The protocol was headed by Valtteri Bottas, having driven a circle for 1: 36.957.