Abitebul: It will take years to close the gap

Abitebul: It will take years to close the gap

April 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When in 2016, Renault returned to Formula 1 with the factory team, a five-year plan was drawn up, according to which in 2019 the team had to regularly fight for the podium. In reality, this season, Renault has serious problems with reliability, and the speed of the car is far from the top three.

Renault again failed in China – although Daniel Riccardo earned the first points of the season for the seventh place, Nico did not finish again. Team leader Cyril Abitebul acknowledged that Renault is far from fighting for the podium.

Cyril Abitebul: “Niko got off because of the next problems with MGU-K, which means that the problems that have arisen earlier have not been solved. We adjusted the powerplant software to correct problems encountered at the beginning of the year. I think we can still use this motor-generator during the season.

The result of the weekend was disappointing. We need to add in all aspects. In China, we lost Mercedes by the second on the circle – this is less than a year ago, but worse than our goal – seven tenths of the circle. The machine is slower than we would like. We should work, not complain. It will take years to close the gap. ”