A wooden car is stronger and lighter than a conventional vehicle

A wooden car is stronger and lighter than a conventional vehicle

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese government decided to construct a car made of wood. The project was called Nano Cellulose Vehicle.

I hasten to note that this project of the Japanese government is far from one of a kind – at the moment there are several similar cars. Companies used wood as structural elements of a car before, although today we often see wood in the form of various trim elements.

An innovative concept made in Japan is slightly different from all similar cars. It is made from plant-derived nanocellulose fibers.

 Yes, wood is not the first material that comes to mind when you think about a modern car, but this material provides a number of advantages that other car manufacturers can use. Cellulose fiber makes up one fifth of the weight of steel and is five times stronger than this metal. Japanese engineers used this material to make the car body and parts of its interior. One of the main advantages is significant weight savings. According to the authors of the project, the total weight of the Nano Cellulose Vehicle concept is half the weight of a traditional car. This may increase the efficiency and / or range of the vehicle.

 It is reported that the main goals of creating a wooden car is to study new manufacturing technologies, processes and materials designed to reduce carbon emissions during car assembly. Does this mean that your next car will be made of wood? This is unlikely. Most likely, automakers will use nano-cellulose fibers in the car in the future, reducing the overall weight of the car.

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