A woman first got a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia

A woman first got a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia

June 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In Saudi Arabia, a woman was given a driving license for the first time. it happened three weeks before the formal entry into force of the royal decree, which allows women to drive a car. The name of the first Saudi motorist was not disclosed.

In Saudi Arabia, women were allowed to issue driver’s licenses last fall. However, the decree must enter into force only this month. By this time in Saudi Arabia formed a special committee of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministries of Finance, Labor and Social Development to comply with the new rules.

According to the local authorities, giving women the right to drive cars will have a positive impact on Saudi Arabia’s relations with other countries, and will also bring economic benefits. The initiative of the King of Saudi Arabia was welcomed with approval in the White House. The administration of the American president called this decision “a positive step”.

Before that, Saudi Arabia had a law adopted in 1932, which prohibited women from driving a car. For this violation sentenced to large fines. However, the king has repeatedly said that it is worth repealing this ban. The women themselves claim that they need to drive at home to cope with their duties without the help of drivers.