A wind tunnel for the development of cars sold in England

A wind tunnel for the development of cars sold in England

August 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In England, a technical center belonging to the company Lola Cars – the bankrupt manufacturer of racing cars known for the Le Mans and Indicar cars – was put up for sale. The main value is the wind tunnel with the mechanism of the running track, in which the scale models of racing cars were tested.

This wind tunnel is considered one of the best installations of this type. The pipe is made in a closed circuit. The working part for installation of the tested model is 2.7 meters in width and 2.47 meters in height. The pipe is designed for testing models of cars and racing cars in scale 1: 2. You can blow and trucks – the pipe was used by Scania, which used models on a scale of 1:6.

Five-bladed fan made of carbon fiber is powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 872 horsepower and is capable of creating an air stream in the working part at a speed of up to 65 meters per second (234 kilometers per hour). All air passes through a powerful chiller, guaranteeing a temperature deviation of not more than 1 degree.

The flexible belt of the running track is two meters wide and four meters long. It is powered by a 268 horsepower engine and can travel at speeds up to 280 kilometers per hour. In this case, the belt can be rotated (together with the model or separately) to simulate tire retraction, skidding or cross wind.

A unique feature of the electronic control system is the ability to change the wheelbase and track of the tested model directly from the control room from the control room. Data on aerodynamic loads are taken with the help of sensors built into a vertical pylon, which is fixed to the ceiling.

In addition to the engineers of the Lola company, Mazda Multimatic and Rebellion Racing racing teams, the Scania truck manufacturer and the Hybrid Air Vehicles airship, used the trumpet.

In addition to the wind tunnel in the technical center of Lola there is a workshop for building models, working rooms and a semi-axle test bench for chassis testing.

The estimated price of the technical center is not called. On the website of the technical center there are contact details of the employees responsible for the sale.