A unique opportunity to consider the all-carbon Bugatti EB110 Dauer

A unique opportunity to consider the all-carbon Bugatti EB110 Dauer

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All over the world there is only one instance of this French hypercar, which is completely, completely made of carbon fiber. Now this car was in the garage of the American comedian Jay Leno.

 Yes, guys, this is the same car that we showed back at the beginning of this year. This carbon fiber Bugatti EB110 was spotted during an event on the West Coast of Great Britain, and now he got to Jay Leno’s garage so that the American actor and stand-up comedian could test this car and take a detailed video tour for us.

Leno is joined by Derek Hill, an American racer and son of the 1961 Formula 1 world champion Phil Hill. He is known for participating in the 24-hour Daytona endurance race in 1996 on the Bugatti EB110 and was able to show the best time. Unfortunately, in that race, the car broke down right during the race.

So there is no doubt that Derek Hill is an expert on Bugatti cars, and in the video, Mr. Leno asks him about the general experience of using the EB110 hypercar. Then they tell in more detail about the history of this particular car, which was built in 1994 and was transferred to the German company Dauer for a complete modernization – this car now consists entirely of carbon fiber.

 But this was not the only upgrade of the French supercar (or, say, a hypercar) received from Dauer. Thanks to the new sports exhaust system and a modified ECU, the engine power is about 700 horsepower – from the factory, this figure was 553 hp. Add to this a weight of less than 1,360 kilograms and four-wheel drive, and you get an incomparable car, which is now a serious competitor for modern such cars. Oh, and don’t forget about the six-speed manual gearbox that was designed and built by Bugatti himself.