A unique kei-car Autozam AZ-1 appeared on sale

A unique kei-car Autozam AZ-1 appeared on sale

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bring A Trailer auction on Wednesday, September 9, featured a unique 1992 Autozam AZ-1 kei car.

The car for sale was brought to the United States from Japan and is now located in Texas. The machine is painted red with dark colored bottom panels. As follows from the description to the ad, the car is in good condition and technically sound. The AZ-1 with a mileage of 82,000 km comes with all service records, original wheels and customs documents.

The commercially available model features 14-inch Volk Racing wheels with Federal tires and lowered springs. The car looks good overall, aside from the crack in the windshield. As for the interior of the right-hand drive car, there are seats with combined trim, an inoperative air conditioner and a spare wheel, installed behind the front seat. But the most interesting element of the AZ-1 is the gull-wing doors, which give the car a sportiness.

The Kei car is equipped with a 657 cc 3-cylinder engine from Suzuki with a capacity of 64 hp. and 85 Nm of torque in conjunction with a 5-speed manual transmission. It is noted that, despite the low power of the motor, it has excellent sound.

At the time of this writing, the cost of Autozam AZ-1 reached $ 4,500, with 5 more days left before the end of the auction.

In addition, it was recently announced that the production year 2002 BMW M Coupe in the unique shade of Laguna Seca Blue was on sale. It should be emphasized that only 16 of these cars were brought to North America.