A unique Ford Mustang cop with a shotgun will be on sale

A unique Ford Mustang cop with a shotgun will be on sale

March 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the auction, Mecum will sell a rare special variation of the Ford Mustang SSP, intended for North American law enforcement agencies. The 1989 coupe remained in excellent condition: the car has a police livery, special signals, an original walkie-talkie and a telephone, and also a pump-action shotgun.

The exclusivity of a particular car lies in both excellent form and complexity: this is one of 32 cars that served in the ranks of the Royal Mounted Police of Canada. In addition, the sports car is distinguished by a 5-speed manual transmission – on many official Mustangs, the V8 power unit functioned along with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Mustang SSP is a variation of the “Mustang” modernized for the needs of the US security forces. It was produced by limited parties for law enforcement agencies, border guards, the FBI and the US Air Force. In total, approximately 15,000 cars left the assembly line, which were distinguished by the presence of other equipment, a reinforced body and chassis, an improved cooling system, additional generators, a high-speed speedometer and a full-size “reserve”.

 Police Mustangs are becoming increasingly valuable, as many cars were destroyed during use or they changed beyond recognition. To confirm the history of a particular car, the seller is ready to attach the relevant documentation.

 In the current period, the initial cost of a Mustang SSP with a shotgun is not reported. Bidding is scheduled for mid-May of this year.