A unique convertible Chevrolet Camaro appeared on sale

A unique convertible Chevrolet Camaro appeared on sale

November 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An exclusive 2002 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible is for sale on the London Auto Sales website.

The uniqueness of the car put up for sale lies in the fact that it was transferred to the 1969 model. As follows from the description to the ad, the car was altered by specialists from London Auto Sales. Along with this, the show noted that the car is the 19th built by the British, therefore, there are already 18 converted Camaros from the 2002 production year.

Speaking of the front end, here it is worth noting the presence of a “bow” part from the 1969 model and a darkened radiator grille with “hidden” headlights. In addition, the converted car has a black splitter section and an embossed hood. The car also features 1969 tail lights and bumpers, as well as original matte black wheels.

Front and back, the car doesn’t look so bad. However, this looks downright odd when viewed from the side, as the shape of the convertible’s roof, windshield and side windows simply doesn’t line up with the front and rear.

Talking about the cost of a converted Camaro convertible, they ask for $ 49,500. It is worth saying that for almost the same amount you can get the new Camaro 2SS.