A test prototype of the updated BMW M3 was seen

A test prototype of the updated BMW M3 was seen

July 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to insiders, the rear wheels of the Bavarian novelty can get active control. The “charged” next-generation sedan will be positioned as a 2020 model year car.

The “charged” version of the BMW M3 CS model, which was released in a limited edition, made a splash in the automotive world. In particular, thanks to the powerful engine, as well as the extensive use of carbon fiber parts, resulting in the overall weight of the car was reduced. As our friends tell us, the insiders, the new generation of the charged 3 Series sedan will receive some similar elements, including a lighter body. It is already known that the new BMW M3 will be positioned by the automaker as a 2020 model year car.


A couple of hours ago, the foreign profile edition of Autocar published information that a sports sedan of the next generation will receive a power unit with a capacity of 465 horsepower and this is already in the standard version.

If this is true, then the power of the new BMW M3 will be 11 hp higher than the current M3 CS, which is positioned by the manufacturer as an even more charged version. Journalists say that the increase in power will be obtained through the use of the injection system, which is used in the current version of the M4 GTS.

It is also reported that the M3 version of the 2020 model year will receive a lighter body, which will be even easier than the current M3 CS. Mainly, this is due to the use of the CLAR platform, on the basis of which the charged versions of M5 and M7 are built. In the manufacture of this platform, carbon fiber was widely used. It is known that the car will receive a full carbon roof. According to insiders, the new M3 will not cross the 1585 kg mark.

In the next-generation M3 sedan, BMW engineers can also add active steering to the rear wheel, so that the maneuverability of the car will, as they say, “at altitude.” In this case, the M3 will be the only representative of the 3 Series, which will receive the rear wheels with active control.

Finally, we note that the M3 of the next generation will increase slightly in size: by 20 mm the length of the wheelbase will be added and by 60 mm the total length.