A test prototype of the new Porsche 911 GTS was seen on test

A test prototype of the new Porsche 911 GTS was seen on test

July 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Judging by the spy photos of the German Porsche 911 coupe, the engineers of the company are testing the modification of the GTS. We can assume that the company’s engineers are already close to holding a long-awaited presentation of their novelty.

At the disposal of the German brand Porsche there is a truly huge number of options for the next generation of the legendary 911 sports family, and a new batch of so-called “spy” photos is our first glance at the new version of the GTS performance.

Like the current version of the model, in the model line of the company, the new Porsche 911 GTS will be located a step above the Carrera S, but will not offer the performance that the 911 Turbo version can boast.

So, let’s consider the noted prototype of the novelty in more detail. The front panel has become more aggressive. Note also the lower located front splitter. Porsche engineers cover these panels with a black ribbon, but it seems that it does not help much to hide the appearance of these parts.

This prototype has a non-standard set of wheel disks. The front wheels received a 5-spoke structure, whereas the rear wheels are in the form of a Y-letter. All wheels are painted with a black matte paint. The brake discs appear to have a slightly larger diameter than the standard 911 coupe.

The tagged test mule has a lot of cut sections compared to the conventional 911. There is information that the new GTS will eventually have a more aggressive exhaust – in terms of sound. Note also the triangular stub, which hides one of the elements of the exterior of the novelty.

From the messages of insiders it is known that the GTS will receive the same opposite 6-cylinder biturbo engine as the 911 Carrera, however its power will be slightly increased. In addition, the novelty will receive an adaptive suspension and an optional package Sport Chrono, serving to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car.

The new 911 is reportedly to be introduced later this year and will go on sale in the next. However, the versions of GTS and Turbo may not be available from the moment of launching the regular version of the sports coupe – they will be presented later.

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