A test drive on the new Toyota ended in an accident

A test drive on the new Toyota ended in an accident

June 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new Toyota Supra A90 not so long ago went on sale in the United States at a price of about $ 50,000. But a potential buyer had already crashed the car after he decided to check the novelty on the road.

According to The Drive, the car was taken for a test in New York. But the trip did not last long, because the driver did not hold the car (a powerful 6-cylinder engine with 335 hp and rear-wheel drive) and crashed into a tree.

Accident Toyota Supra turned out quite spectacular, because the details of the sports car (including the front right wheel) scattered within a radius of 30 m. There were two people in the car, the passenger received leg injuries.

Residents of the area in which the car collided with a tree noted that the road in this place was not at all adapted for the movement of cars due to poor coverage. Judging by the photo, the roadway is still quite good quality. Apparently, the driver was not ready for the high engine power and acceleration dynamics of the Toyota Supra.