A special version of the SUZ SUV Jimny is introduced.

A special version of the SUZ SUV Jimny is introduced.

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The version was called Sierra Marine – its presentation took place at an exhibition in Tokyo.

Suzuki showed off a special version of the Jimny SUV called the Sierra Marine at the Tokyo Auto Show. The uniqueness of this car lies in the fact that it is designed for lovers of water recreation. On the side of the car, you can find compartments for storing and transporting fishing rods, and you can attach a powerful cable or winch to the front bumper. The roof of the car was equipped with reinforced roof rails for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. To improve the performance when driving off-road, the car was shod in special Yokohama Geolandar tires, which are distinguished by excellent driving characteristics even on a liquid dirty road.

The car body is painted blue with spectacular silver accents. The car interior also has a marine theme – the dashboard is made in blue shades.

Note that the new infotainment system became an interesting solution – it is made in the form of three different displays, each of which is responsible for its own functionality. At an exhibition in Tokyo, the car is adjacent to the Jimny S17 boat, which is painted in the same style as an SUV.