A rusty Mercedes was found in the garage: it was sold for $ 800,000.

A rusty Mercedes was found in the garage: it was sold for $ 800,000.

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the US, they found another “time capsule.” However, this time we are talking about a very exclusive and expensive car.

Enthusiasts managed to find a rare classic Mercedes-Benz W198 (aka 300SL) in the back of a roadster. For many years, a 1961 automobile was stored in one of the inconspicuous garages in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that the car is in poor condition, it was put up for sale for an impressive amount of $ 799,995 (while the car had already found its buyer). Such a high price is due to the fact that all Mercedes released 1858 of these roadsters, and, in addition, the W198 itself is one of the greatest cars in history and one of the most coveted exhibits among collectors.

In addition to the basic price that had to be paid for the car, the new owner will have to seriously invest in roadster repairs. Years of inactivity made themselves felt: the body and metal elements of the interior of the Mercedes-Benz W198 were very rusty, the fabric roof turned into “dust”, the seats were completely torn. And this is only from visible damage.

But there is good news: the car has retained its own, 3-liter, 6-cylinder engine with 250 hp, docked with a 4-speed manual transmission. Although it is not clear whether it works or not.

One way or another, there is no doubt that this Mercedes-Benz W198 will gain a second life. Such cars today are worth its weight in gold.