A road with wireless charging for electric cars appeared in Israel

A road with wireless charging for electric cars appeared in Israel

September 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Due to innovative technologies on this route, electric cars will be able to receive additional battery charging.

In the capital of Israel, the city of Tel Aviv, a road that is unique by today’s standards has appeared. Electric cars will be wirelessly charged along the route. The work was carried out by a startup called ElectReon. At the moment, the experimental part of the route is already ready for testing – its length will be 600 meters.

At the moment, electric buses will receive an additional battery charge, however, if successful, the action can be extended to other types of transport. The main advantage of this technology will be that electric vehicles will be able to use smaller and more capacious batteries, which will significantly reduce the cost. It will also save time on charging, so buses will be able to run the route even at night.

At the moment, Tel Aviv is testing electric buses with supercapacitors instead of classic batteries.
ElectReon has already built a similar section on the island of Gotland – the length of the section there is 1.6 km, and at the very end of 2020 the technology will appear in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Meanwhile, Karma has announced its first electric car. On Tuesday September 22nd, it was announced on a special teaser. Representatives of the company assure that due to new technologies it was possible to reduce the cost of the car, however, the exact numbers have not yet been announced.