A render of an electric version of the Honda Ridgeline pickup appeared on the web

A render of an electric version of the Honda Ridgeline pickup appeared on the web

June 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

the artist presented a render showing an electric version of the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck. Among other things, the virtual novelty received an unusual cargo platform.

It will take 20 years for Honda to become an all-electric brand, and the company plans to launch two electric vehicles in the US by 2024. None of these will be an electrified rendition of the compact Ridgeline pickup, but if the company plans to electrify 40 percent of its lineup by 2030, including hydrogen fuel cell models, such a model (the electric Ridgeline) will certainly emerge. Conceptual artist Rene Garcia decided to envision what an electric Ridgeline might look like, creating a stunning reimagining of a pickup truck.

Garcia has created a colossal series of unofficial renderings showing the cool look of a possible novelty.

The truck looks very futuristic while maintaining an unmistakable design resemblance to the current version of the model. However, unlike some of the previously published renderings of this truck, Garcia goes beyond exterior design, creating renderings that showcase the chassis and futuristic interior in exquisite detail. A render of the Ridgeline showcases a truck with a shorter design and a stiffer, off-road-ready exterior.

The design includes a straight front end, a front rack and an innovative cargo platform that can be slid into the cab, which itself looks pretty modern. The truck is equipped with vertically opening doors for easy entry and exit, while also incorporating the technology required in a modern vehicle – a screen spanning the dashboard that houses both the instrument cluster, infotainment display and passenger screen. Surprisingly, the center console has real buttons and switches that are already becoming a rarity for some makes and models.

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