A render of a sleek Cadillac coupe appeared on the web

A render of a sleek Cadillac coupe appeared on the web

May 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The designer of the American concern General Motors presented a render of an elegant coupe of the premium brand Cadillac. At the moment, there is no information about the plans of the automaker’s management to release a serial version of this car.

Over the years, Cadillac has introduced some stunning concept cars that have never been produced. But these were the models that Cadillac wanted us to see, as countless of these designs remained in the form of sketches and were never seen by anyone except those who drew them. But from time to time General Motors gives us a peek behind the scenes to show off some of their design sketches. The latest such publication showcases a stunning Cadillac coupe that appears to have been built with an electrified future in mind.

A sketch by GM designer Zhou Fang shows a low coupe with large doors and four seats inside.

The wheels are shifted to the corners to create a low-profile car, shaped by the sharp body line from bumper to bumper, which gives the Cadillac a streamlined shape. The front comes to a point that looks like vents through which air flows.

To achieve a futuristic design, the car is assisted by overhead side-view cameras that replace traditional rear-view mirrors. Large wheels at the corners give the car large fenders, which the designer highlights with bright LED lighting running along the outer edges, reminiscent of the brand’s current trend towards vertically styled lighting elements. The car also wears a small shark fin that extends from the roof to accommodate the high-mounted taillight and Cadillac badge.

Unfortunately, this is just a sketch and will likely remain a sketch for a long time to come. The fact of the matter is that the coupe body type does not make money for automakers, which pay a lot of attention to crossovers and SUVs.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that GM showed sketches of a mysterious sedan in the style of the Porsche Panamera. GM Design posts a series of curious sketches on his Instagram account.