A render for the 2022 Kia Sportage crossover appeared on the web

A render for the 2022 Kia Sportage crossover appeared on the web

June 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists have published a render of the 2022 Kia Sportage crossover model year. The virtual novelty was created on the basis of the official photos of the crossover previously published by Kia.

Kia shared several teaser images showing the next-gen Sportage on Monday, and it didn’t take long for someone to faithfully reproduce the all-new compact crossover on the new teaser. With a more angular design and quirky headlights at the front and rear, the fifth iteration of Kia’s best-selling car looks pretty interesting.

Our friends at Gotcha Cars have been kind enough to share some renderings of the NQ5 Gen Sportage ahead of the debut of the updated crossover, which is slated for June 8th.

The updated Sportage will have two wheelbase configurations depending on the market. The increase in size will likely allow for a more spacious interior, with a wide display taking center stage. Shown in one of the teasers, the massive screen appears to be a one-piece design, but it actually has side-by-side displays housed inside a large piece of glass that looks like an EV6 electric crossover.

It’s safe to say that the transition to the next generation will bring a whole new look inside and out to the Sportage as Kia wants to update the model to stay competitive in the extremely challenging compact crossover segment. The technical specifications of the new items have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that the 2022 Kia Sportage should have a strong affinity with the Tucson.

Sales of the new Kia Sportage should begin before the end of the year, first at home in South Korea rather than other regions such as Europe and North America.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that KIA first presented images of the new Sportage. The 2022 Kia Sportage crossover has undergone radical changes to the exterior and interior.