A rather strange prototype of a hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari spotted

A rather strange prototype of a hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari spotted

June 10, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists have captured a rather strange prototype of a hybrid supercar Ferrari LaFerrari. The car was leaving the headquarters of the Italian automaker.

All examples of the LaFerrari supercar have dark carbon fiber elements on the front. However, Ferrari has painted these elements the same red as the rest of the exterior of this particular car. This is a tiny change that greatly influenced the look of the supercar, especially its nose.

According to the YouTube blogger who was able to capture this unusual example of the car, it was this LaFerrari that was a common sight at the Ferrari factory for many years, and then he stopped noticing it. Now the colorful supercar is spotted again on the premises of the enterprise.

The blogger doesn’t think Ferrari is testing anything with this LaFerrari.

Why would a company suddenly take the vehicle out of the “warehouse” to start using it again? We’ve seen several instances where the brand used an older model as a test mule for the foundation for their next hypercar. Although these cars don’t look like this one.

Another possibility is that Ferrari wants to test how the LaFerrari components are aging. With units sold now approaching their tenth anniversary, engineers may want to know how hybrid powertrain components such as battery and engine work.

We also cannot rule out that engineers will simply try to keep all the components of the car in working order and therefore took this supercar for a test run around the plant.

Ferrari sold 500 of the LaFerrari, including 210 of the Aperta. The latter was made for a charity to aid recovery efforts in Italy following the devastating earthquakes in the central part of the country in 2016.

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