A prototype of the updated BMW 4 Series Convertible is seen

A prototype of the updated BMW 4 Series Convertible is seen

March 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists noticed a Bavarian novelty on a fine sunny day, so the fabric roof of the convertible was lowered. The novelty will be officially shown at the end of this year.

photographers captured the prototype of the new 4-series convertible with the roof down. This is even though the temperature was much lower than 0 degrees Celsius. To maximize protection from cold winds, the driver raised all four windows. You can see that in the back of the prototype there is a folded fabric roof – in the current version of the Bavarian convertible, a hard roof is installed.

 The transition to the fabric roof should increase the cargo space in the trunk, as the folding top will take up less space.

It can also have a positive effect on the amount of legroom for the rear passengers, which usually huddle in the small space of four-seater convertibles. Another positive aspect of changing the roof will be a decrease in the total weight of the car.

BMW still leaves a lot of camouflage on the prototypes of the updated 4 Series, although we already have a pretty good idea of ​​how these more elegant two-door versions of the 3 Series sedan will look like. Last year, the Bavarians introduced Concept 4 with its extremely controversial (due to its huge size) grille. The overall style of the concept is likely to be close to what we will see on the production model at the end of this year.

 The new 4 Series Convertible will go into mass production under the code name G23 – this should happen in November this year, and shortly after that, goes on sale. The official show of the model should take place after the debut of the 4 Series coupe.