A prototype of the new Aston Martin DBX crossover is seen on tests

A prototype of the new Aston Martin DBX crossover is seen on tests

June 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The trailer, which pulls the first in the history of the brand Aston Martin crossover, is a special dynamometer that measures the force with which the new product can pull a payload.

Get ready to cross out another automaker from the list of prestigious brands without crossovers, as the British Aston Martin will present the DBX crossover ready for release in the coming months. Foreign journalists published a photo of the test prototype of the novelty, which is a bit more interesting than what we saw before.

  On the sides of the trailer, which pulls the crossover, is the inscription “Taylor Dynamometer” – the name of the company that offers dynamometers for engines and chassis, as well as towed dynamometers, similar to the one that carried the DBX. This means that Aston Martin evaluated the capabilities of its engine and various parameters, such as the amount of energy supplied to the wheels. The crossover probably tested a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from the German Mercedes-AMG, whose power is in the region of 500 hp.

We could see the production version of the Aston Martin DBX crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of this year. However, the Aston Martin may wait for the Los Angeles auto show in the second half of November.

If this is not enough, your own V12 engine may be in the engine compartment of the new DBX crossover. It is possible that the car will receive a hybrid power plant with a lot of Nm, however, if this happens, this version of the model will not be offered immediately.

 There is something more than a dynamometer in these shots, as a glance through the rear windows shows that this prototype has a roll cage and a bit of extra equipment in the rear seats to simulate the extra weight of the rear passengers. The DBX looks a bit odd because it lacks some production details, such as rear lights and rear door handles.