A prototype of a new version of the Ferrari 812 supercar spotted on tests

A prototype of a new version of the Ferrari 812 supercar spotted on tests

August 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An eyewitness was able to shoot a video showing a prototype of the Italian supercar Ferrari 812. It is quite possible that we have before us the most powerful version of the model, under the GTO index.

On the streets of Maranello, in northern Italy (where Ferrari is located), a black prototype of a supercar was again captured, which may well be a new version of the 812 model, which will receive the GTO designation.

The car was filmed by an eyewitness who then uploaded the video to his YouTube channel. Yes, this is a Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Thanks to the fact that the video was shot in high definition, we can get a good look at the wonderful prototype. To give Ferrari its due – there are currently no rumors of an unusual black version of the 812. Could we be just a test mule for testing engine / transmission components or aerodynamic developments? What is the most powerful GTO performance before us? At this moment it is difficult to say anything about it.

Here’s what we know. Several cars are visible in this video, as we see different registration numbers on their backs. They also look identical to the prototypes found earlier. Compared to the standard 812, the rear diffuser is much larger and the front and rear bumper designs are also different. Obviously there are some changes in the aerodynamic body kit, the car also has a slightly lower exhaust sound.

These differences are the reason for rumors about the return of the model, with the designation GTO. Obviously, this is a very special version in Ferrari history that has only been used three times. The last car to bear the GTO badge was the 599 model – it appeared more than a decade ago, and at the time Ferrari claimed it was the fastest road car the company had ever built. The 812 Superfast already boasts 789 horsepower thanks to its fantastic 6.5-liter V12, so it’s not hard to imagine that the 812 in the GTO version could get even more thoughtful aerodynamics and increased engine power.

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