A prototype of a completely new Maserati model was seen on tests.

A prototype of a completely new Maserati model was seen on tests.

February 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On public roads in Italy, a prototype of the new Maserati model was spotted. This is a sports MC20, the presentation of which will be held in May this year. Now the novelty is going through the very early stages of testing.

Maserati calls its new high-performance model a “supersports car” representing the “natural evolution” of the iconic MC12, which was built on the basis of the Ferrari Enzo. This may not seem obvious, judging by this particular test prototype of the novelty, which was captured on the streets of Modena (Italy). But second, this is just an early test sample of a supercar, and its final version will look very different.

 What may seem camouflaged by the Alfa Romeo 4C with a set of dual taillights reminding us of the Japanese Nissan GT-R supercar of the R33 generation is actually a completely new MC20.

 Most likely, Maserati uses the Frankenstein Edition model 4C body as a disguise – at this stage, the newly designed power plant is tested, which will underlie the new MC20. I must say that the car engine sounds good at low speeds.

 Although the resemblance to the 4C kid is pretty obvious, the Maserati MC20 is unlikely to have anything to do with the slow-selling, fast-paced Alfa Romeo sports car in terms of aesthetics. This will be a new high-performance machine, developed, as they say, from scratch, and the first new model of the company for many years. There is currently no engine information.