A police officer received a penalty for speeding while chasing robbers

A police officer received a penalty for speeding while chasing robbers

January 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It happened in law-abiding Switzerland. The court found that there was no need for such a speeding violation.

The Geneva police officer was denied an appeal when he tried to challenge a fine of 600 francs (528 euros), issued for speeding during the prosecution of criminals.

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court upheld this fine imposed on an officer for travel at a speed of 92 km / h in the zone of restriction of 50 km / h. The curiosity of the situation lies in the fact, writes The Local, that the guard of the speed of order exceeded during the pursuit of suspects who allegedly robbed an ATM.

The policeman violated the speed limit twice: for the first time at 30 km / h, and the second – at 42 km / h. The court found that the first speeding was tactically justified in the current situation, but the second case was a gross violation of traffic rules, so the penalty was left in force.

The judge said that speed during the prosecution of criminals should still be adequate to the situation and not pose a threat to road safety. Allegedly, in the second case, the policeman knew that the suspects would not harm anyone, and he had no need to knock him out. How could he know this, the court did not consider it necessary to inform, but apparently it became clear from the results of the internal investigation.