A pair of electric crossovers Mercedes-Benz captured before the premiere

A pair of electric crossovers Mercedes-Benz captured before the premiere

February 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Camouflaged EQA and EQB prototypes

Eyewitnesses managed to photograph pre-production samples of the latest Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles during tests in Sweden – the EQA and EQB crossovers fell into the lens. Only the feed and the front of the off-road vehicle are covered with a protective film, so it can be determined that the prototypes use the same bodies as the current GLA and GLB.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the compact electric car EQA will be presented in the fall of 2020, and the premiere of a more capacious GLB is expected in 2021. Since the debut of both models is just around the corner, it is possible that the serial EQA and EQB will differ externally from the current GLA and GLB less than the ELC crossover from the GLC and will not receive completely original bodies.


There are more certainties with technical stuffing: both EQA and EQB will be based on a common EVA II “electric” platform. Insiders say that for crossovers they will offer a whole gamut of batteries with a capacity of 60 to 110 kilowatt hours and three versions of electric motors with a capacity of 204, 272 and 340 horsepower. The predicted autonomy of new products – from 320 to 600 kilometers on a single charge.

The question of all-wheel drive on electric crossovers remains open: probably, the EQB will receive an optional twin-engine power plant. Both EQA and EQB are expected to acquire advanced electronic assistants, including a second-level autopilot; this means that the driver will be able to remove his hands from the steering wheel, but will be required to monitor the movement and be ready to intervene in the control process.

Along with the development of “clean” electric vehicles, Stuttgart intends to electrify the current line of models with internal combustion engines: moderate and rechargeable hybrids will appear in almost the entire Mercedes-Benz line.

It is likely that in the coming months the premiere of the gas-electric GLA 250 e and GLB 250 e will take place – crossovers will be equipped with a 102-horsepower electric motor and a battery capacity of 15.6 kilowatt-hours, by analogy with the compact A 250 e and B 250 e.