A new weekend format consider In Formula 1

A new weekend format consider In Formula 1

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of Liberty Media will meet with the bosses of the racing teams to discuss changes in sports rules for 2020.

At a meeting in London will deal with issues such as changing the system of scoring and the new format of the race weekend. Last year, the owners of F-1 expressed a desire to expand the scoring area to the top 15, and maybe all 20 participants. However, then a single decision was not made.

 Now these changes can be accepted for 2020, if until April 30 of the current year 70% of the F-1 commission votes for them. Recall that according to current rules, points are awarded to those teams whose participants finish in the top ten.

 As for the second question, then Liberty Media offers to reduce the time allocated for free races. So supposedly the race will become more unpredictable. In addition, plans to tighten the rules for motor stands and simulators and reduce the time of the teams with the machines on the weekends.

In the WRC, meanwhile, preparations began for the hybridization of racing vehicles by 2022.