A new version of Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck is noticed

A new version of Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck is noticed

September 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Among all the other changes, the popular Japanese pickup got a completely new front optics. It is expected that the official presentation of the compact model can take place at the beginning of next year. According to insiders, customers will be offered updated versions of the same engines.

We would like to note that the current (5th generation) Mitsubishi L200 generation was introduced back in 2015. And at the moment the car should get an update in the middle of its life cycle. Just a couple of hours ago, published several spy photos of the prototype of the updated Mitsubishi L200.

Unfortunately, 2 new prototypes were covered with a rather large amount of camouflage film, which does not allow us to see the look of the Mitsubishi L200. Nevertheless, this camouflage can not hide the significant upgrades that have occurred with the front end of the compact Japanese pickup truck.

Designers of the brand have developed for the pickup a completely different “face”, the distinguishing feature of which was the separate arrangement of headlights and navigation lights. Thin light strips of headlights are at the top, and below there are fairly large navigation lights. In addition, the updated Mitsubishi L200 received a revised radiator grille, which should be said turned out to be narrower than the current version of its execution. At the same time, the lower air intake rose upwards – now it is located between daylight lights.

Changes in the lateral profile of the car are much less – only the shape of the hood has changed significantly. For the time being it is impossible to understand whether there will be other rear lights on the new version of the pickup (they are covered with camouflage film). The rear bumper also slightly decreased in size. Separately, we want to note the camouflage film, which is on the wheel disks – perhaps under them a new design is hidden.

Finally, we note that while there is no precise data on whether changes will be made to the motor scale.